Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Just In

Do you see this!?!?!
Also, only the middle
cast is real.  The other 2
are made from pre-wrap
 and paper towels.
Soccer Barbie has returned from overnight camp.  She was there for 7 weeks.  By the end of 7 weeks you can no longer remember anything annoying your child ever did.  You are thrilled to see her and can't give/get enough hugs and kisses and love.  That feeling can last upwards of 26, 27 hours after your child returns home.  After that, eye rolls and looks of annoyance are back (from both sides).

Now that SB is back, her friends have been posting on Facebook all the pictures they have taken.  These are kind of like the Story Behind The Story.  In the pictures camp put on line, my child is forever in the camp mesh tank top going to or from a sport or activity.  In pictures taken by friends, I see that my child and her friends live in conditions one could only describe as abject poverty and filth.  The pictures of her bunk look nothing like the bunk I saw on Visiting Day.  This bunk has trash, food and clothes all over the floor.  With girls sitting on the floor on top of all of it.  I am going to pretend that was just that one day.

We will be jumping all around today to make up for the fact that I am trying to fit a week's worth of random thoughts into one post.  I'm telling you this so you don't think I am having some sort of psychotic break stream of consciousness episode.

This is Kenny's
way of saying
"Please pay
attention to me."
As I mentioned before, I wanted to share with you this Lenny Kravitz picture.  It's from People Magazine.  As you know, they are cutting edge, front line when it comes to important news information.  So, the picture...at first I thought it seemed kind of fun to have the cool retro handset.  Sometimes it's hard to hear and your neck and fingers gets all cricked trying to hold your tiny phone up to your ear.  What could be better than a real, life-sized handset?  Next thought...where's he going to put that when he's done talking?  It's not going to fit in his pocket.  Does he just walk around all day with a big honking receiver in his hand?

I have two new products that I am loving and thought I would share.  Well, share the information with you.  Even if you were here, I might not actually share.  It would depend on how much I had left.  I mean if I knew ahead of time that you were coming, I would get enough, but otherwise...it's hard to say.

There are only 5 in a
 box.  Invite your
company accordingly.
The first one is Haagen Dazs Sundae Cones.  They are like the other mini cones I mentioned before, but even yummier.  They have a few more calories, but totally worth it.  And, where else are you going to get cute, mini, high-quality deliciousness for under 200 calories.  Nowhere, that's where.  They come in vanilla with chocolate and vanilla with caramel.  If you want chocolate ice cream you're currently out of luck.  But, eat the vanilla, it's good, you'll be fine.

Also am totally loving Edamame Hummus from Trader Joe's.  In general, I only marginally like edamame or hummus.  I want to like them more, but I really don't.  But, this is dee-licious!!  It's even still good if you eat it with baby carrots instead of tortilla chips.  I imagine other vegetables would work, but why chance it?

Riots in England.  WTF?  Something about people not liking taxes or government programs or the government or the color yellow or something like that.  There did not seem to be a unified, organized protest going on here.  It wasn't even a protest that got out of hand.  It was just flash rioting and looting that seemed to inspire other malcontents to do the same.  Maybe they covered it better in the UK and found a few ring leaders to talk to, but I didn't get that sense from my friends who live there.  And then it was over.  Suddenly it just wasn't in the news here.  Everyone seemed to just go back along their merry way.  Perhaps the government added in a second tea time every day or an extra scone a week for everyone.  Who knows?

Lastly,  why do hotels insist they cannot guarantee you a connecting room when you are booking?  When you call to make a reservation, they are willing to make note of it, but they won't promise.  Why!?!? They know which rooms are connecting.  They have computers.  When people reserve rooms there is no reason that their stupid program cannot assign people specific rooms.  They know when people are intending to check in and out.  It doesn't really seem that hard.  And, until someone actually checks in, the computer could re-assign them as needed based on what other people are requesting.  Honestly!!  It's the 21st century.  A middle-schooler could write the program to do this.  It's ridiculous. 


  1. I so agree about the connecting rooms! That's always been an annoyance for me. Interestingly, I actually have been assigned a non-connecting room once. As it turns out, that was actually pretty awesome. But still.

  2. IKR, what's up with hotels? They're already overpriced! I just read your "get to know DTC" hilarious, I love your blog!

  3. Omymaude, you always make me laugh out loud for real... Because I swear you are in my head. If I ever have 5 minutes to write a blog, I hope its half as funny as yours.

  4. I am totally having a swelled head now - thanks ladies! Glad to have you here!

  5. 7 weeks of camp? Oh my goodness. Thank goodness my son doesn't want to go to anything like that. I would miss him WAY too much : (.
    Those cones are the cutest!

  6. we miss her tons and my husband blames me the entire 7 weeks for "sending her away." :)

  7. That's ridiculous about not guaranteeing adjoining rooms!

    PS: I added you to my blogroll! :)


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