Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Voice Or I Hear Voices

Hands down, Erin wins for most
bat crap crazy on the show.
So, as some of you may know, I have been catching up on The Voice.  I have a whole gang of them taped (that's DVR'd for all you young people) and have been watching them without commercials, which is waayyyyy less painful than watching them live.  I am almost caught up and will be able to start watching the live shows any minute.  Hopefully before the whole thing is over.  Now that they are nearer to the end, I am more willing to live with the commercials because I want to be able to discuss some of this stuff with people as it's happening.  There is a LOT of crazy on that show and it needs to be talked about out in the open.

Also of note in regard to The Voice is that Adam Levine is now single again.  Yes, I am well aware that his having a girlfriend was not the actual thing that was keeping us apart.  I don't need you to point that out to me.  I am not even sure why I have made him my secret boyfriend (it's secret because he doesn't know, so sshhhh, don't tell him) he is not really my type at all.  But, we obviously have some kind of chemistry, hence his secret boyfriend status.  It's nice that he's back on the market though since pickings are slim if you ask me.  I was quite upset when Neil Patrick Harris announced he was gay.  We hadn't actually met or anything, but there was always the chance he would see me from afar and realize we should be together.  His being gay kind of throws a big wrench into that plan.  So, minus NPH, plus Adam.

What's whiter?  Cee Lo's teeth
or the cat?  And enough also
with the sunglasses.
While we're here, let me throw in that Cee Lo's teeth are scarily white and it's enough already with the cat.  I heard that it's not even his real cat.  Also, Christina, just stop.  No really.  Stop it.  I have no issue that you gained weight, but you do not need to do the whole "I am still so super hot and sexy" thing.  You are trying too hard.  And you're going to smother yourself with your boobs.  And the hair is a weave/wig fail.  Trust me. You would look 100 times better if you would dress like a regular person.  Less glitter eye shadow wouldn't hurt you either.  I have nothing negative to say about Adam.  As you know, he's my secret boyfriend, ergo, he's dreamy.

In other Used To Be A Mousketeer News, Britney Spears' dad has decided to allow Britney's fiance, Jason Trawick to be co-conservator with him.  This means that Britney now has two people, one of whom she is not related to, who can decide what she can wear and where she can go and other things of that nature.  If her father believes she is in good enough mental health to maintain a relationship and plan to get married, why is he still in charge of her and why would a judge put someone, to whom she is not yet married, also in charge of her?  I have no real personal interest in Britney, but this seems like a bad idea.  If a doctor is not willing to say she is stable enough to be in charge of herself, why is she even allowed to get married?  You read it here first, this is going to end poorly.

You know who could use a conservator (among other things)?  Courney Love.  Courtney went on a rant on Twitter about wanting to kill Dave Grohl for trying to hook up with her 19-year-old daughter, Frances.  For good measure she threw in that Dave has always been sexually obsessed with Kurt Cobain (Frances's dad) and has over the years tried to have sex with Courtney as well.  She was a little more explicit (big surprise) in her characterization of the situation..  It might just be me, but if I was worked up about what my over-18 teenager was doing, I might try talking to her.  Or maybe calling Dave up on the phone to share my concerns.  Are she and her daughter even on speaking terms?  I know she lost custody a few years back and I got the impression the two were at odds.  After this Twitter rant, I am guessing Frances is going to un-follow Courney and also probably de-friend her on Facebook.  And maybe strangle her in her sleep.  Hard to say.

I wonder if toppings are included
in the price of your beer ice cream?
As always, there was a news article that made my head hurt.  I wish you could see me rolling my eyes.  There is a new product - only available in Tokyo at this time.  You will totally never guess.  Go ahead try.  Beer that comes out of a dispenser like soft-serve ice cream.  Told you you would never guess.  Know why you would never guess that?  Because it's beyond ridiculous!!  I guess there is no hunger or cancer in Tokyo that needs to be addressed.  Apparently, the beer foam "ice cream" goes on top of a regular glass of beer and the coldness makes a seal over the beer keeping it cold for 30 minutes.  Sounds necessary.  One, how long are you planning to hold your beer and not drink it that you need it kept cold for 30 minutes?  And two, once you start drinking it, aren't you breaking the seal anyhow??  I think we can file this invention under people who have too much free time.  Whistle.

I think I already mentioned that Adam Levine is my secret boyfriend, right?  I do not, however, think he would make a good Christian Grey.  


  1. I watched part of one episode of The Voice w/my 7 year old girl, and we both were not impressed. Maybe without commercials it would hold my interest, but I doubt it. I am so over "reality" tv. I want to watch the stuff they used to show, which really shows my age, but I think TVLand quit showing Cheers and Cosby.

    1. I totally miss Cheers and Cosby. My husband and I still quote from Cheers on occasion. Cleary, we're old too. ;)

  2. I just found out my secret boyfriend, Matt Bomer from White Collar, has just announced he's gay. Such a sad day in this household. Are you willing to share Adam? :)

  3. You have to share Adam, cause he's been MY secret boyfriend for years. Of course, he's highly damaged by some past woman, but hey, I can be the one to heal those hurts, right?

    1. clearly, we will all have to work out some sort of sharing chart. We can be like those women on Sister Wives, only our guy won't be creepy and icky.

  4. My only interest in The Voice is that there's a guy from my hometown (Wichita, KS WOOT WOOT) on there. Or was. I'm not even caught up enough to know if he's still there.
    "In other Used To Be A Mousketeer News" is the best segway ever.

    1. What was the guy's name - I want to go back and find him. Now that I practically "know" him I feel rude not to watch him again. :)


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