Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't Worry Adam, You Still Have a Chance

Adam is handsome, but I do
have to say he could stand
 to eat a sandwich or two.
So, as some of you may recall, I mentioned in the past that Adam Levine is my secret boyfriend.  You may also recall that it's a secret because he doesn't know about it.  So, remember, mum's the word.  Especially now that we might break up.  I don't want him to be hurt.

Adam is not really my type, but for some reason I just totally dig him.  The issue is that I am now being pursued by someone else.  And he is totally hot.  I can also tell that he is very smart and sensitive and fun.  We haven't actually met or anything, but I'm sure that's how he is.  Yes, of course I am talking about David Gandy.

I put David's picture up (yes, we are on a first name basis) in my last post because I refused to put one up of Patraeus, about whom I was actually writing.  Right away David hinted we should go out some time.  He couldn't come right out and say it (because other fans would be jealous), but I knew that's what he was trying to tell me.  Because he is so discreet, he didn't contact me directly.  In the comment section of the post, his assistant sent me a personal message.

I have been asked to include
David's picture in all future posts.
He doesn't hurt your eyes any.
I will, of course, keep all of you posted on what happens, but Adam and I have been together for awhile and I'm not just going to drop him over one love letter.  We'll just have to see how things play out.

You might be thinking about now "What about The Party?"  "How does The Party feel about you dating Adam and/or David?"  He is totally fine with it.  Everyone knows that it is totally fine to date famous people, even if you are married.  So don't worry, we're all good here.  Plus, Party is handsome and smart and nice, so if Adam and/or David don't work out, I still have Party.  Kind of win-win-win for me.


  1. Party (age, experience, brains, looks) trumps these babies.
    Just saying.

  2. When you're done, can I have them both? Yummy!

  3. Jut wondering - Do you think that The Party has something on your mom? You know - the way she is always standing up for him when we all know that all his goodness comes from being married to you.....

    1. One does wonder that Steffi. When people hear my name they think sunshine. They do not think sunshine when they hear his name.

    2. Right? When I hear his name I think of spiked Rita's water ice! ;)

  4. I am reminded of the King of Queens episode where Carrie says it would be ok if she was "with" some famous guy, you know, like THAT would ever happen, that they each get a free pass. Then she asked Doug who he'd pick for his free pass, and he thinks about 2 seconds and says "your hairdresser". DOH! ROFL!!!
    I must say, eyes are what I notice first and David beats Adam. Don't know that I've ever seen a post of Party's eyes, so you'll have to be the judge on that one. ;)

    1. I was going to say that I love that episode, but I kind of love them all. We constantly quote from there.


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