Monday, August 31, 2015

Am I The Only One Who Gets the Concept of Laying Low?

Alternative Title - What the Fuck People?  What? The Fuck?

Reason why some people
have no friends.
Remember back in middle school or high school when you would forget your homework/didn't do your homework (if this never happened to you, just keep it to yourself unless you want no friends)?  Did you raise your hand in class ask your teacher if she was going to collect homework?  No, you did not.  You sat quietly trying not to draw any attention to yourself and hoped the teacher would forget the assignment was due.  

Clearly, being homeschooled, Josh Dugger never learned this lesson.  It's a lesson that translates into laying low.  This means that when you are doing something you shouldn't be, you don't draw any attention whatsoever to yourself.  Honestly, if you are molesting your sisters, looking at on-line porn and cheating/ trying to cheat on your wife then you don't take a job as spokesman where you hassle and malign gay people and try to make their lives difficult.  This is likely to draw attention your way and make some people not like you.  These people are going to be looking for ways to show the world you suck.

Like many other preachers and politicians, Josh Duggar wants to tell you how to live a moral life.  And he wants to make sure that gay people suffer (by way of lack of rights) for what he believes to be their immoral behavior.  But, funny enough, his moral standards are for you, not for him.  Even funnier - joke's on him - he isn't smart enough to keep that fact quiet.

While no one likes a liar and sneak, I don't think anyone likes a narcissistic, self-absorbed,
There is just no way to
explain your way out of
getting caught on this site.
cheater either.  Yeah, I'm talking to the other Ashley Madison users now.  I just can't wrap my mind around these people.  Do they think they are super-cool badasses?  I mean who signs up on a site whose logo makes it completely clear that it's for married people who want to have affairs?  

Don't get me wrong, the people who hacked the site and tried to extort the company should go to jail or be fined or sued or get their asses kicked - whatever, but I don't feel one drop bad for anyone who got caught as a result.  First off, you are doing something you shouldn't be doing, so you take a risk there will be an unwanted consequence.  Two, you are not only cheating on your spouse, you are advertising it on line.  We adults keep harping at our kids that they have to be so careful about what they put on line or they won't get a job, but we have a site for cheating?

Every day there seems to be well-known names popping up as Ashely Madison users.  I think everyone of those people should lose their jobs and not because they did the "wrong thing."  They should lose their jobs because they are that fucking stupid.  Military and government leaders?  CEOs, CFOs, teachers, preachers?  If you are reckless and foolish enough to be on this site, I don't want you deciding anything for me or telling me anything.

On a lighter note, I did find one group of people who should consider NOT laying low.  You know who these people are?  The insane, cross-training freaks who stop in the middle of the street to do push-ups as part of some interval thing they are doing.  What is wrong with you?  The shoulder of the road where bikers and walkers are and where cars are not 2 feet from running you over - THAT IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO PUSH-UPS!!

Besides my whistle and smacking
people, maybe I could start
hitting some with a stick.
I am not lying to you, or even exaggerating.  We were in Long Beach Island where bikers and walkers share a 4-foot shoulder on each side OF THE MAIN ROAD and this guy is blocking the middle of the shoulder doing push-ups.  His hands are practically on the actual road.  If he survives, he too should lose his job for being stupid.

**As a side note, I am aware of the national emergency that would ensue should we start firing all stupid people, but I think we might have to make an example of the people who are stupid in the above-listed special ways.  They are a danger to themselves and others.  And, some people need more than just a whistle and a smack.


  1. Somebody analyzed the data from the Ashley Madison leak, and they had customers in every ZIP code in the U.S. except for three, two in Alaska and one in New Mexico. It was a shocking revelation as I heard it on the radio while I drove through my town. WTH, people?!

  2. The whole thing is reeking of suspicion. I think this may be why nearly every zip code is used.
    This almost brings the stupid factor to a whole new level. Can we believe ANYTHING we read about in the media?!


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